Lightweight Folding 2 Wheeled Walker



Front Wheel Walker

Able Life Space Saver Walker, Lightweight Folding 2 Wheeled Walker, Height Adjustable Portable Walker with Fixed Wheels for Seniors, Black Walnut

  • FOLDABLE COMPACT WALKER: The Able Life Space Saver Walker folds 4 times smaller than average walkers and rollators making this walker portable and easy to store; easily collapse the walker like an umbrella stroller with the touch of a finger, making it easy to stash in your car, shopping cart, or overhead airplane compartment
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Easily use the Space Saver Walker when traveling, running errands, or getting around the house; the lightweight, 8 pound frame is easy to load and unload from a vehicle but sturdy enough to safely support up to 400 pounds; regain independence with this compact, two wheeled walker
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: Customize the Space Saver Walker to your individual comfort and height; the padded handles can be adjusted from 32 to 38 inches from the floor, making the walker compatible with a variety of heights; please adjust the handle height to match the height of your wrist when your arm is extended down
  • FIXED FRONT WHEELS: The 6-inch fixed wheels provide stability and security when walking with the Space Saver Walker; the rear easy-glide skis provide ease of movement indoors and outside; customize your walker with our front organizer pouch or a set of locking swivel wheels
  • NARROW AND STYLISH DESIGN: Measuring 24 inches wide and 24 inches deep when open, maneuver through tight spaces with the low-profile Space Saver Walker; when folded, the walker is self-standing and has a compact footprint measuring 5 by 7 inches; available in 3 fun, expressive color choices to fit your personality and lifestyle

The Space Saver Walker from Able Life gives you independence, balance, and support when traveling, running errands, or getting around the house. Collapse the Space Saver Walker when not in use with the touch of a finger, folding the walker 4 times smaller than average walkers and rollators. With its small folded footprint of 5 by 7 inches and self-standing ability, easily store the walker away or keep it discreetly by your side when not in use. The narrow design of the walker allows users to easily maneuver around furniture and through small doorways with its compact 24 by 24-inch dimensions. Regain your independence with our lightweight and durable design, weighing only 8 pounds our walker is made of high-grade aircraft aluminum that safely supports up to 400 pounds. Our two wheeled walker features 6-inch fixed front wheels and padded handles that are height adjustable from 32 to 38 inches. Make your walker your own with our stylish and contemporary color options and available add-on products.