[Upgraded V2]KETOSCAN Mini Breath Ketone Meter|FDA Class1Approved



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[Upgraded V2] KETOSCAN Mini Breath Ketone Meter | FDA Class 1 Approved | Monitor Your Fat Metabolism or Level of Ketosis on Low carb, Ketogenic, Paleo Diet or Any Nutrition and Fitness Program

  • [MADE IN KOREA] Ketoscan mini is a portable breath acetone analyzer that measures the ketone level and calculates body fat burning rate in your exhaled breath.
  • ✔NON-INVASIVE: No need to prick your fingers. Just blow into the device for 3 seconds.
  • ✔MOBILE APP. CONNECTABLE: Record and monitor your acetone levels and weight daily, weekly and on a monthly basis. Also Leave comments, and track your calories with photos of the food that you ate.
  • ✔RESULT IN PPM : Check your results on both the device and the mobile app. Even without the mobile app., the device displays your results in PPM(Parts Per Million) on the built in white dot matrix display.
  • ✔CACULATE BODY FAT BURNING RATE: With the result you can determine your body fat burning rate as well as your optimal ketosis state. It will help you plan your nutrition and fitness regime.

Measurement up to 99 PPM

Accurately measures breath acetone concentration at 100 resolutions (0.0~99) using a PPM (Part Per Million) measurement. Ketoscan mini provides you with 13 levels of results that are simple and easy to understand.

Breathe out for 3 seconds

3 seconds is enough time to hack your metabolism. Inhale slightly and then blow into the device. It displays a result after blowing for just 3 seconds. An installed highly sensitive flow-rate sensor ensures accurate results.

Sensor’s sensitivity & selectivity

The high resolution acetone sensor of Ketoscan mini is unique to other breath sensors in that it is 10 times more sensitive to ethanol and 50 times more sensitive to hydrogen(generated in the intestine) than other sensors. It is designed to detect acetone and ignore other gasses that could contaminate the results.

Self-diagnostic mode

The highly sensitive acetone sensor in Ketoscan mini is protected with self-diagnostics for sustainable and long term use. The device automatically detects whether a self-diagnostic test is required.