Reusable Ice Pack for Knee- Cold Therapy Compression Wrap Air Pump



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Reusable Ice Pack for Knee – Cold Therapy Compression Wrap with Air Pump for Pain Relief – Long Cooling Retention Gel Pack – Inflatable Knee Brace for Sprains, Swelling & Sports Injuries (Black)

  • UNMATCHED COLD RETENTION: Unlike other knee compression ice packs that barely manage to stay cold for 30 minutes, ours remains nice and cooler longer thanks to the high-quality temperature resistant material. Enjoy soothing relief for effective knee pain management.
  • EXPERIENCE QUICKER RELIEF: This is one of the few knee ice packs that come with a compression pump. Simply squeeze the removable ball pump to inflate the cool gel pack and give you a combination of compression and cold therapy for faster relief.
  • DESIGNED FOR GREAT COVERAGE: Carefully crafted for targeted compression to the entire affected area, this is the best reusable cold pack for swelling and knee pain relief. Apply our inflatable knee brace to effectively manage strains, sprains, and sports injuries to the knee.
  • STAYS IN PLACE: This knee therapy gel pack is fitted with high-quality Velcro that allows you to comfortably move around as it treats you to noticeable pain relief. The one-size-fits-all design of the cold compress pack accommodates most body sizes, with the flexible gel perfectly contouring to the affected area even when cold.
  • ENJOY SUPERIOR DURABILITY: The Pain Soother is all about providing a premium solution to managing knee injuries. Made with the highest quality materials, these refreezable ice cold compress packs greatly reduce the risk of gel leakage and can be used countless times without a drop in performance.

The quest for multi-functionality sometimes comes at the expense of performance. And that’s true for the majority of cold gel packs in the market. Products that also warm up lose heat or coolness very quickly, and that’s why many packs struggle to remain cold for even a short amount of time. So we decided to design a cold pack that focuses on one thing and does it brilliantly. Made using a mix of premium gel and state-of-the-art heat resistant material, The Pain Soother manages to retain coolness much longer than most gel packs.


Made using premium state-of-the-art temperature resistant material, the cold pack manages to remain cool longer than most. Enjoy extra soothing relief to manage aches and pains.


Not only does The Pain Soother act as a superior cold therapy wrap, but it also comes with a ball pump for inflating the gel pack to apply targeted pressure to the elbow. Experience quicker relief by effortlessly combining compression and cold therapy.