Two Pockets to Hold 2 Drain Bulbs



Mastectomy drain holder

S P + 2 Surgery Drain Bulb System. Two Pockets to Hold 2 Drain Bulbs, Sugested for a Single Mastecomey

  • 90% neoprene/10% rayon
  • Two Soft & Flexible Neoprene Pockets with Nylon Coverings, this is Suggested for a Single Mastectomy.
  • Take Them to the Hospital to Avoid Drains Being Pinned to the Gown. They can also be Worn Directly on the Bra.
  • Shower Pockets Gives Freedom for Showering Without Needing Help From Someone Else.
  • Shower pockets can be worn under any garment, Keeps drains in place so tubing doesn’t tangle or tug, Allows freedom of movement.
  • Dry’s quickly to prevent Mold and Mildew.

After surgery women require time to heal and regain normalcy in their life. After spending countless hours searching the web for answers looking for something to hold my drains I found nothing being offered. I knew there was something I could do that would not only benefit me but so many others. We created Shower Pockets, my problem was solved. Shower Pockets are designed to do just that, help women through this next phase in their life, giving breast cancer patients the tools to cope with the aftermath of diagnosis and treatment of Breast Cancer. Shower Pockets are a simple way to hold surgery drain bulbs while you take a shower, under your robe, clothing or P J’s, the drains easily and safely fit inside the pockets allowing you to do it by yourself