Seatbelt Pillows for Post-Surgery Comfort (Rose Ribbon)



Mastectomy seat belt cushion

Seat belt Pillows for Post-Surgery Comfort Mastectomy Breast Cancer Port Pacemaker Heart Surgery C-Section Recovery Support Cushion Pad Patient Care Car Travel Pillow(Rose Ribbon)

Cushions for post-surgery comfort: This seat belt pillow is for Mastectomy Breast Cancer, mastectomy or reconstruction, and stuffed to offer seat belt protection following surgeries.

  • PROVIDING COMFORT AND RECOVERY CARE: The handmade seat belt pillow filled with comfortable filling and covered in soft cotton, puffy, comforting and washable. This super soft seat belt pad could fit snugly to your body, while supporting and protecting the chest.
  • DRIVING AND RIDING PROTECTION: After mastectomy, for the ride home from the hospital, protect the chest while driving. Protect the wound after surgery reducing the impact of the seat belt. to protect sensitive areas from the seat belt.
  • SMARTER PROTECTIVE DESIGN: This cushion fixes that by attaching to your seat belt with two sewn velcro straps. The pillow can be used on the shoulder strap (moved up or down) or the lap belt depending on surgery, port or pacemaker location.
  • GET WILL SOON: Great for the entire healing process. We suggest purchasing this pillow before your surgery. Works wonders for the ride home from the hospital, to protect sensitive areas from the seat belt. Perfect for use while sleeping too!

* SIZE(Approx):
* Long: 49″
* Wide: 5 1/2″

* 1*Seatbelt Pillow


    • * NOTE: This is NOT a safety device, and should be used only for comfort in your recovery.