EMAY Sleep Oxygen Monitor with App for iPhone & Android


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Sleep Oxygen Monitor

EMAY Sleep Oxygen Monitor with App for iPhone & Android | Track Overnight & Continuous Blood Oxygen Saturation Level & Heart Rate with Professional Report | Memory Stores Data Up to 40 Hours

  • With a memory of up to 40 hours the EMAY Bluetooth Oxygen Monitor allows you to take continuous blood oxygen saturation & heart rate during sleep or other occasions.
  • Free iOS/Android app for reviewing your historical data (second by second), and providing professional blood oxygen & heart rate trend reports to share with others.
  • Record First, Upload Later! Does not require real-time connection to the app. Wear it to record, take it off to sync.
  • Accurate & Reliable: Accurately determine your blood oxygen saturation level and pulse rate. Display it on a large and rotating digital LCD display. You do not need to twist your neck trying to see it. FDA Approved.
  • Note: Strong movement & direct sunlight will affect the accuracy of readings. Please stop the exercising for 10 seconds and avoid direct sunlight before measuring or tracking your blood oxygen. For reference only, not for medical use.

Why Choose EMAY ?

  • Large data storage to record up to 40 hours of blood oxygen and pulse rate data, which makes it the best CONTINUOUS oxygen monitor you can find on the market. Better yet, with its built-in memory, the monitor works independently without requiring a smart phone at its side, freeing you from the confines during sleep.
  • Records your blood oxygen and pulse rate EVERY SECOND without interval, unlike other bluetooth oxygen tracker that records at a 10 second or longer intervals which could miss important events.
  • RECORD FIRST, UPLOAD LATER It works independently without requiring real-time connection to the app. You may transfer the data later whenever you want.
  • Use the intelligent app to transfer the data easily after recording is finished. Review your historical blood oxygen & PR data second by second. Obtain professional & comprehensive TREND REPORT to study or share with others.
  • ACCURACY & RELIABILITY represent the core value of EMAY. Accurate blood oxygen saturation readings, Over 20 years of experience and focus at manufacturing the device.

More Than An Oxygen Reader

If you would like to track your oxygen level and heart rate over time, and obtain a full picture about how your body performs during certain period, this is your choice.

Not only does it display your oxygen in real time, but it also records the data for up to 40 continuous hours. Both spot and continuous monitoring are perfectly fulfilled in this device.

What’s more, it won’t miss a single second of reading ensuring all your important data are captured.

Intelligent App that Tells Your More

  • Sync data conveniently and quickly – It takes only about a minute to transfer a whole night’s oxygen & pulse rate data.
  • Review historical data intuitively, second by second, by just sliding your finger. You’ll know your exact reading back at any moment in time that might be significantly important.
  • Analyze and provide professional oxygen and pulse rate reports, so you can better understand how your personal blood oxygen saturation and pulse perform over time.
  • One button creation and sharing of reports with others.
  • Set your own threshold of oxygen and heart rate values.


  • iPhone – iOS 8.2 or later (For iPhone 11 / 11Pro / 11Pro Max / XR / XS / XS Max / X / 8 / 8 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 6s / 6s Plus / 6 / SE / 5s / 5 / 5c / 4s)
  • Android – Android 7.0 or later (For Samsung Galaxy & Note, Google Pixel, Huawei Only)

Medical-Grade Oxygen Report

What information can you get from the reports ?

  1. Blood Oxygen Trend Graph Over Time
  2. Pulse Rate Trend Graph Over Time
  3. Percentage & Time Above/Below Threshold of Blood Oxygen
  4. Percentage & Time Above/Below Threshold of Pulse Rate
  5. Maximum & Minimum Value of Oxygen and Pulse Rate